Recent Projects

The Dead Twin

The Dead Twin re-imagines the horror genre as an immersive, cyclical, site-specific performance. Steve is a young man with a bright future. He is floating, listless, sometimes detached from reality. When Steve meets Lola, he develops the ability to contact his long dead twin. His parents have a pact not to talk about Steve’s twin, who died during war. But each of them dreams of encountering him. The past comes back and wants you to re-enter the horror....

Banh Chung

Artist Chi Vu presents a meditation on impermanence and transition caused by war, migration and peace. A unique and sensory performance installation, written and directed by Vu, Banh Chung features award-winning stage and screen actor Amanda Ma in a sculptural environment created by international visual artist Naomi Ota, with sound design by Bendigo-based Jacques Soddell.