Coloured Aliens

What happens when playful banter...leads to ironic teasing...leads to identity theft...?

Coloured Aliens is a comedy of manners about an interracial couple navigating their romance in the context of racism. This play intermixes space aliens with refugees to ask how far we have come since Federation, when non-white migrants were labelled ‘Coloured Aliens’ in official government documents.

Coloured Aliens premiered at La Mama Theatre as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The Dead Twin

The Dead Twin re-imagines the horror genre as an immersive, cyclical, site-specific performance. Steve is a young man with a bright future. He is floating, listless, sometimes detached from reality. When Steve meets Lola, he develops the ability to contact his long dead twin. His parents have a pact not to talk about Steve’s twin, who died during war. But each of them dreams of encountering him. The past comes back and wants you to re-enter the horror....